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Korppret Standard Schnauzers is located in Tulsa Oklahoma.  I have been involved with Standards since 1992 and before that we had Miniature Schnauzers.  After our Minis' went over the rainbow bridge, Dick and I attended a dog show here in Tulsa and saw a beautiful Standard male on the table being groomed for the show.   That "love at first site" started our love of the breed.  Thus, began our showing, involvement with local and national clubs, and our own limited breeding program.

The Standard Schnauzer is an exciting animal to see, to watch, and to own but they are not for everyone to own.  The beauty of this breed is impressive and  thrilling to watch the agility of their movements.  The Standards are a strong breed with stubborn streaks, very athletic (needs to be involved with agility, obedience, barn hunt, herding, tracking, conformation and therapy) and have overall good health.  (Refer to the Standard Characteristics for more information).  The Standard is different like night and day when compared to the Miniature Schnauzer or even the Giant Schnauzer.  

Our breeding program is to maintain the Breed Standard of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America abiding by their Code of Ethics and of AKC.  We are an AKC Breeder of Merit in recognition of breeding quality dogs/certifying that applicable health screens are done on breeding stock and having AKC championed dogs.

We breed only dogs that have been OFA'd (hips) CERF'd (eyes),Thyroid and DCM tested.  When breeding, temperament is utmost in our thinking, then substance and coat and always staying with in the Breed Standard.  We will not knowingly breed to a carrier of DCM-(dilated cardiomyopathy).

We place our puppies with pet or show contracts.  The pet quality contract will have a limited registration and has a spay/neutering agreement attached.  Puppies are occasionally available: Home raised, never in a kennel, and bred for temperament, coat and substance.

We do not ship puppies.

I am active in our Breed Club served as Publications Chair for all publications of the Club for eighteen years.  I have served on the Board of the Standard Schnauzer Club of America and have helped with our National Specialties.  Dick and I are the rescue coordinators for the State of Oklahoma.

Dick & Judy were the recipients of the Ruth Inman Award at the National  Specialty in Ventura California for the year 2010.  It is an honor to receive this prestigious award from the Standard Schnauzer Club of America.  Thanks to all that nominated us!

Judy received the Good Sportsmanship Award another prestigious award from Mid Continent Kennel Club in January, 2012 for the year 2011.  Thanks to all who nominated me!

Club Affiliations: Mid Continent Kennel Club, Standard Schnauzer Club of America, Prairieland Standard Schnauzer Club

For information,  call (918) 446.6761-evenings, Fax (918) 224.6866 or send us e-mail at


"Lexie" CH Morgenwald's Lexie V Felspaw CGC, Reg ThD
"Charlie" CH Von Vallen's Grau Baren CD, CGC 
"Sassy" CH Korppret's Asset Sass Me Back 
"Panzer" CH Korppret's Asset Panzer
"Ilsa" CH Korppret B Ilsa Von Llechtim
"Snoopy" CH Korppret Bond's Sekrt Ajnt CGC, Reg ThD
"Barney" CH Korppret's B All U Can B
"Pella" GCH Argenta's Pella Petronella CGC
"Max" GCHB Korppret's Friendly Persuasion 
"Ike" CH Korppret's Just Midnight's Shadow
"Casa" CH Korppret's Casablanca, CGC
"Cinch" GCH Korppret's Cheaper By The Dz.
"Grayson" CH Korppret's Citizen Kane
"Pia" CH Korppret's Cactus Flower
"Buddy" Korppret's Cadillac Man
"Ellie" GCH Dreams of Falcons V Korppret CGC
"Ozzie" CH Korppret's Just a Dream
"Katy" GCHB Korppret's Gypsy Woman 
"Lena" CH Korppret's Midnight With a Smile
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